Privacy is a big concern these days. Websites are increasingly using cookies to track visitors and collect data about them. This has led to the development of tools that can help website owners protect their visitors’ privacy. Among these is CookieYes, a tool that allows you to create a cookie policy for your website and manage cookies. In this CookieYes review, we’ll look at this tool’s pros, cons, and pricing for different plans.

CookieYes Summary
CookieYes Review

CookieYes searches your site for cookies and immediately adds them to the list of cookies on your site. Before obtaining user authorization, it immediately blocks third-party cookie content on your website. When granting approval, the tool also allows users to choose to activate or disable certain cookie categories. 

Users’ permissions and cookie choices are recorded by CookieYes in a consent log, which it produces and keeps up to date. Under several cookie sections, you may manually add plot lines and cookies to CookieYes. Additionally, it enables you to entirely modify the appearance and functionality of your cookie consent banners.

Pros & Cons

S.No Pros. Cons.
CookieYes allows you to customize cookies on the website. Some people find it difficult to understand the features of the tool
      2. It has GDPR compliance and is much easy to start The system does not contain every transaction.
      3. CookieYes is a much more convenient tool than others
      4. It has multiple features 

CookieYes Pricing

You will not want to break your bank to buy the cookie and privacy policy generator. This is the major reason why it is important that you choose the tool that its within your budget. As per CookieYes review, it has four different pricing sets. The starter level is free for a month; the basic level starts at $10, the pro level begins at $20 per month, and the pro level starts at $20 per month.

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