Customer’s feedback is one of the most valuable things an online business can have. It helps you understand what your customers think about your products or services, what they want, and how you can improve your offerings. You need to have a feedback system in place to make improvements to your site based on what your users say. You must check this Hotjar review.

Hotjar is a great feedback tool that allows you to collect user feedback and improve your website. Below, we have a complete review of Hotjar to help you decide whether or not it is the right tool.

Hotjar Summary
Hotjar Review
Hotjar is an effective tool for collecting feedback and studying customer behaviors on your site. It provides two ways to achieve this. One is user activity analysis tools, which include Visitor Recording, Heatmaps, Form Analytics, & Conversion Funnels. As per Hotjar review, the second category is Feedback Tools, which consists of products like Incoming Feedback, Polls, Surveys, and Test User Recruiting, designed to offer your customers a voice and support you in hearing what they have to say.

Pros & Cons

S.No Pros. Cons.
1.  Free Plan Hotjar does not have the feature of predictive analysis
2. Gather User Feedback Hotjar has compatibility issues
3. Examines the human behavior
4. Easy Installation and Usability
5. Quality Customer Support is available

Hotjar Pricing

Prices are slightly high when it comes to choosing a feedback tool. This is the major reason why you must always check out the prices of the tool ; as you will have to decide on the basis of your budget. You can choose to go on a free trial for 15 days to experience all features or choose a paid plan. The basic personal plan is for free, plus (personal plan) starts at $29/month, the business plan starts at $89/month, and to get the agency plan, you need to get a quote.

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