A brand is so much more than a logo. It’s the sum total of all the experiences a customer has with your company. However, your logo is still an extremely important part of your branding, and it’s essential to ensure that it represents your business in the best possible way. The section below will look at the My Brand New Logo Review.

My Brand New Logo Summary
My Brand New Logo

My Brand New Logo is a logo design AI-powered tool. Users may examine a variety of created logos with only a few clicks, choose their favorite, and then change it to their taste using various editing tools. Generators for colour palettes and gradients are additional utilities. The platform is simple to use and has an appealing UI.

The Professional Package comes with social media photos, high-resolution files, and complete copyright, whereas the Basic Package only contains one low-resolution file.

Pros & Cons

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1. The platform is simple to use and has a nice UI. No free plan exists.
2. Users can choose from three packages that are appropriate for various company needs. There is just one low-resolution file in the Basic Package.
3. Social media photos, complete copyright, and high-res files in various sizes and colors are all included in the professional package.
4. Through the website, users may engage a designer to alter the logo they’ve made using the logo builder tool.
5. The platform supports several languages.

My Brand New Logo Pricing

Price is a important element to consider when choosing a logo designer tool. It is because it can be the deciding element in whether or not you are able to use a certain service. As per the My Brand New Logo review, the logo designer has different pricing sets. The basic package starts at €20.00. The professional package begins at €50.00, and to hire a designer, you will have to pay €190.00.

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