Landing page builder is an important aspect of any website. It allows you to build a page that looks great and is easy to use. Tails is one of the top landing page builders that is simple to use and gives you the ability to create pages that look amazing. Read on the tails review for some insights.

Tails Summary

As per the Tails Review, You may utilize Tails, a free drag-and-drop TailwindCSS webpage builder. You may use it to create a whole website that can be exported in HTML format. 

Pros & Cons

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1. Ease of use: Tails has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that makes creating and customizing landing pages simple without having to code anything. Pricing: Tails does have a free plan, but it is minimal. Their paid plans are quite expensive, which can be a barrier for small businesses.
2. Different Integrations: It also has many integrations with popular marketing and CRM tools, so you can easily add forms, pop-ups, and other elements to your pages.


Customer Support: Another downside of Tails is that they do not have 24/hour customer support. They only offer support during business hours, which can be frustrating if you run into an issue outside of those hours.
3. A/B Testing: Tails also has built-in A/B testing capabilities, so you can test different versions of your pages to see what converts best.  
4. Persistent Storage: Tails also have persistent storage, so your pages will load faster, and you won’t have to worry about losing any data.  

Tails Features





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Tails Pricing

The price of Tails is $15 a month. This may seem like a lot, but considering the features and benefits that Tails offers, it is definitely worth the price.

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